Greetings From Dave Larsen...


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Hello; a few of you probably know my name already but this is for those of you who've never heard of me. I'm not a frequent poster on Knife Dogs, but I've been hanging around here since the early days. :) I'm posting this introduction because I'm preparing to offer a couple of my knives for sale.

A little background. I've been making knives since 1988, but have only made about 109 knives so far. Not the most prolific maker! I do it for the joy of it, not to make money. That said, I've sold (or given as gifts) everything I've made, and kept only one knife for myself. Sigh. That's why I started making knives in the first place, to have a custom knife when I couldn't afford to buy one. Sheesh. Probably a lot of makers have a similar story.

I recently came off a year and a half furlough from making knives. Don't know why I stopped making for that long, except a combination of knife making overload and domestic responsibilities kept me out of the shop. But that's over now, thankfully. I've made three knives since I got back on the job. I'll post a pic of one that I made for my brother, my rendition of a Randall Miniature Model 1. The other two are going up for sale here, both the same model, a modern-looking tanto. I hope you folks will like my work. I have a lot of ideas stored up for future projects, but have some orders to catch up before I can let myself go. :)

Guess that's all I have to say for now. I always welcome conversation, and you can reach me at dave AT dave-larsen DOT com.

Here's the little Randall homage:


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Good to meet you Dave! :biggrin::3:


Dave is an old timer on Blade forums and we are fortunate to have him around here.


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Hello folks. This was an antique post and I’ve weathered yet another hiatus in making. But my new shop is almost operational and beyond a few belated orders have many ideas going forward.

I’ve really missed making stuff. My website is currently down because it got hacked but I “plan” to get it up and running again this winter. Possibly with a different URL. Meanwhile, whatever I come up with will be shared here, and doubtless I’ll be asking many questions of you fine makers as I attempt to learn more.

There is so much I can learn! Just getting my feet wet again...

New shop taking shape but I don’t seem to be able to attach photos right now. I’ll investigate. More soon.