Got Snow??

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OK so I will say right off, for you folks in snow country,..............I know I wouldn't have called this snow 40 yrs ago either!

However I have lived here in the South now for about 43 years. In that time I have seen snow about 4 times. Once when I was still stationed at Ft. Rucker, Al. it snowed about 3 inches. They closed the whole base down and sent everyone home.

Since I moved to NW Florida I have seen snow three times. Once years ago it snowed overnight and it was just a light skiff. I got my son, (who was about 2-3 0ld at the time) got him up at 5:30 AM so he could see snow. By the time the sun rose it was pretty much gone!

I worked out on Pensacola Beach, (years ago) when it snowed from about 10:00 AM till about 5:00PM. None it ever accumulated. You could see it in the air but as soon as it hit the ground it was gone!!! Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them about the snow, cause the conditions were only right at the beach for it too snow!!

This morning I was being lazy and slept in, (bad night) and so when I got up my wife tells me if you want to see the snow you better look outside kick as it is going away! This pics were taken about 8:00 AM and at a little after 9:00 AM I actually had to find a scraper, (happened to be doing some sheetrock repairs here at the house) to scrap my windshield. This is a first in the 43 years I have lived in the area and a first for NW Florida in 40 yrs!!

Some of the pics are kind of blurry so I apologize for that! I thought you were supposed to use the BBcode fully linked for pics from Imgur but the only way I could get these to post was use the direct link???


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Snowing now where I am! Suppose to get 1-3 inches. For us here in Western Mass not a big deal! The big deal is the weatherman, they scare the heck out of everybody up here. And now a days they cancel everything with the mention of snow, before it even starts!! It's stupid!! And this is just the beginning! YUCK!! Not a fan!!


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Yea, but Cliff - did you make snow cream? I had no idea there was any chance of snow, got up this morning at 7am, here's what I saw:
o, I got a bowl and made snow cream.
As a kid that was always a big deal, snow = ice cream! What do I mean "as a kid", it's still a BIG deal. Once on a trip with Mom 'n Dad in motorhome we ran into a pretty good snow. Dad pulled into first grocery store to buy the makings, kids started raking up snow and we made snow cream on side of road.

Edit: Sorry, I can't seem to get photos to work right today.


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Wow, now there is a memory, I hadn't thought of snow cream in years. Mama was a fairly strict and not much at cracking a joke. But she'd always tell us when we went out to gather up fresh snow to make snow cream, "now stay away from the yellow stuff". Yep, that was a blast from the past.

Ken, you must be in that crowd that don't watch the news. My wife has been jonesing for the last couple of days about the chance of snow. She talked me into sitting and watching some old movie last night so after taking the dogs out and brushing my teeth, I didn't turn in till about 1:30. I told her the conditions were just about right but no snow yet!! So when I slept in this morning I didn't figure snow was too be!!

When I was in service at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, I was in a Combat Heavy unit. 46th Engineer Battalion. They were the Billy bad @$$es. 1st in Nam, 1st in Desert Storm, 1st in the second Iraq war, 1st in Afghanistan! The Marines always said they were first in and just to pee in their mess kit, we would tell them yep but, we made the roads so they could find your way to the war!! I always smile when I say that as it can turn into fighting words. If you know what I mean!! Not a good subject to get into at Trader John's when you were all the way to the back of the bar!! :eek: Been there and done that! Never thought we were going to fight our way to the door!! :D Yep them were the good ole days!!

So we played war all the time. We were in the field in January and it had been raining, miserable mess! I had gone down the perimeter line checking foxholes and had stopped to talk to a couple of my platoon mates. This one guy he was 18 maybe 19 and he was from Naples Fl. Anyway back to the story, I am looking around and realized the rain had almost stopped. I looked up at the sky and the clouds. I told them if I didn't know better I'd say it was gonna snow, those look like snow clouds. Of course the guy from Naples asks what I meant.
Well the rain has near about ceased but the temp is too cold right now for snow, sleet maybe but not snow. In about 30 minutes it began to warm up and the rain/sleet and then it began to snow. The guy from Naples was like a little kid, having snow ball fights and building a snowman!

They sent us in from the field and shut the base down and sent everyone home. I remember leaving for my place off-post and I was like the only car on the road. By that time it was snowing pretty good. I came up to last light before the guard shack at the gate, hit the brakes for the red light and she began to slide, I turned into the slide and realized their was no way I was gonna stop before I went thru the light into the intersection. Looked up and their is no cars coming just let off the brakes and turned thru the red light! When I go to the guard shack he was laughing. He had seen me try to stop and the ice under the snow, said nope not today!! That is one of about 4 snows in 43+ years I have seen down here!!
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here north of Raleigh,NC, it snowed most of the day yesterday. temperatures were just warm enough that very little stuck and ever though it was in the 20's last night, it seems to all be gone this morning. roads in some areas were a mess, over 300 minor traffic accidents in this area yesterday


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Snow in Brownsville? WOW!!! Is that the first time ever? Was it good coverage? Did you make snow cream? {g} My first job in Corpus Christi the recruiter says don't bring winter clothes, this is Southern Texas..... I didn't, and the first month (Nov) a blue northern came thru and left ice hanging off palm trees! I had to go buy winter clothes!

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Yep, when I found out I was to be stationed at Ft. Fucker, Al. I looked it up on the map. Why it is only a 100+ as the crow flies to the coast, it must be warm all year around.

Never having been in the South at that time I figured all of Florida was like the pictures of South Florida and the Keys. My first winter at Ft. Rucker we were still living in the old WW2 barracks, freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer! I found out that a 100 miles can make a big difference in temperatures!!

You know I didn't believe in the Global Warming stuff when they began talking about it. It is undeniable that we are in a different time. However when you look back at temperatures and such 40 - 50 years ago it was a different time then. Some of this is part of a cycle but I have to admit we have destroyed this ole Earth and unless we make some drastic changes we are not going to be able to do anything to help it!

Ken, did you see the piece on TV a while back about the petrified stumps they found off of Orange Beach, Al. Different reports date them differently but they seem to date back from 1000 - 2000 yrs. That tells me this is not the first time the oceans have rose! Here is a couple of links to the story! Kind of makes you say hmmmmmmmmm


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Yes, Cliff, I did watch that on the submerged forest. Been watching that for 2 or 3 yrs now - I even donated on the "GoFundMe" page they had, and got a DVD with the video they showed on PBS.

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Snow in Brownsville? WOW!!! Is that the first time ever? Was it good coverage? Did you make snow cream? {g} My first job in Corpus Christi the recruiter says don't bring winter clothes, this is Southern Texas..... I didn't, and the first month (Nov) a blue northern came thru and left ice hanging off palm trees! I had to go buy winter clothes!
Actually, iirc, the second time in the 30+ years I've lived here.
It didn't quite cover the ground, but there was quite a bit on the grass. Lasted all day. Kids were thrilled and made snowballs and a little snowman.