Golden dagger


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That is an amazing piece! I couldn't even imagine how much time is invested in crafting something of that caliber.


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Beautiful work as usual Denis. It's great to see your work again. That is an incredibly well made dagger, and your wife has done it again with that sheath.


Thanks for sharing,



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Thanks to all!
If you are interesting at my Golden dagger, now is put in a great american shop. I think is not possible to put link of shop on the forum, but if you research "golden dagger Denis Mura" it is easy to find

Bruce Bump

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Yes, I fine piece of cutlery art. I love the attention to detail and engraving on the blade. The exhibition sheath is also a nice touch of class.

C Craft

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You know I think I commented on this knife a couple of days ago! However I just realized this post is from 2014!!