Giving Up The Hammer


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I always said that when I retired I'd get a real anvil for forging. Eighteen months later my thumbs are saying, "no more".

That sucks, but at least I can still do stock removal.
What do you do with a 152 lb paperweight??


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Isn't it the pits? Just about the time we think we've got things figured out, our bodies start going south on us. There was a time when I could swing a hammer 12 hours a day, and not have any issues...... but those days are past. Thankfully I listened to some "old timers" who warmed me in my younger years that one day I'd probably not be capable of swinging the hammer like that.....which is the reason I have the air hammer and press in the shop. I'd like to keep doing this for as long as possible. All the best to you Dan!

Daniel Macina

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I would definitely keep the anvil. Probably a lot of memories there and you might want the break it out every now and then if ya get that forging bug.


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I have a very small hammer I built, thinking a press would be beneficial since I like messing about with simple, low layer pattern steel.
I was given a log splitter with no motor (perfect!). Just ordered a book on how to build a press. Even if I dont use all of it I have a good start. Was thinking of buying one but I'm a serious hobbyist and 5kish for a press is beyond me right now.