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We just got these let's give one away...READ TO THE END FOR ENTERING THE GIVEAWAY CONTEST...

This is a hollow handle stainless steel tube knife handle. These are heavy wall thickness 300 series stainless steel tube with a closed lanyard loop cap on one end and slotted cap on the other end. The tube is hollow and water tight down to 50' using the oil resistant washers. The lanyard cap is hollowed out to hold a small round compass (not included).

There are two ways to attach these handles to a knife blade.

1. The first method is to make a stub tang knife blade and insert it into the handle. The stub tang should be 1.5" to 2" (the slotted cap slot is.65" wide and .20" thick) long. Pin the blade in place through the tube and cap and then drip epoxy in through the back of the tube to epoxy the stub tang into place. The epoxy and pinned stub tang makes a rock solid connection to the tube. You will probably break the blade before you break this tang/handle connection.

2. The second method, using the optional pre-slotted guard (or simply making your own rather than purchasing it). Make a stub tang knife but this time, thread the tang with a die to 7/8"-18 thread. Fit your traditional guard through the tang and thread the knife tang right into the interior threads of of the tube. You can optionally pin and pot them in epoxy like method one for connection between blade tang and handle that is nearly indestructible.

The tube grip area is knurled but you can optionally wrap colored cord around it to your taste. Everyone has seen the Rambo or Reeves style survival knives and this handle assembly allows you to make one of these.

These will go for $50 and include the tube, one lanyard cap end, one slotted cap end with washers. Buy 5 or more and they are $45...

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Your reply post number will be your entry number. You can enter once a day.

The winner will be selected by using the last two numbers of the Minnesota pick 3 on August 25 drawing. If those two numbers don't match an entry, we will use the first two, if those don't we will use the middle two. If those don't match, we start with the next nights drawing and repeat until we have a winner.

If you purchase one before this is over, you get a refund or another tube, your choice.
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