George TKI 2016 knives

Les George

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I got done a few days ago, then the last time Jeremy Marsh and I did a pattern swap, he cut out two blades, just in case and finished the one. He said something about having the parts still and I told him he was a sissy if he didn't make it for TKI. When I saw he was gonna do it I couldn't be left out, so I made a similar one of his knives. Little plainer than most pattern swap knives, but I like it. Its hella stout and 3V, Ti frame lock, Zirc pivot and Carbon Fiber back spacer.

I have the Trencher for this show as well. I had Ernesto take these badass pics.

My crappy pics of the damascus studd in the sheath.

This was my first time working with pearl and I though it might look good in a Zirc frame, and I think it does. Pearl can be 3D machined it seems!

6K stellite cored san main blade

New Persian Model

The group.

Thanks for looking!