Fresh off the Bench.....For a Special Purpose


"The Montana Bladesmith"
October is Pastor appreciation month, and because knives are the best thing I can offer, I decided to build a couple of Hunters, and give my Pastor choice of the two.... to show my appreciation for all he does.

Both are fairly simple, first is a 3 1/2" blade of differentially heat treat 1084, Fluted Nickel Silver guard, and a Maple handle, with 14 coats of Tru-Oil....

Next is the same type/size of blade, but I jazzed up the handle a bit with 1/2 Black Ash Burl, and 1/2 African Blackwood, with a bit of texturing.....

Whichever the Pastor doesn't choose, will be available sometime next week on the website.

John Wilson

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both are gorgeous. I really like how you stippled the sheath on the second one to match the stippling in the handle. Very nice touch.


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Very nice Ed. That won't be an easy choice, but you folks will have to take the winner out deer hunting.

Thank for showing it, Craig