Forged in Fire

Wayne Coe

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The series Forged In Fire will premier on the History Channel tonight at 10:00 pm. If you Google Forged in Fire on the History Channel there is a short video and at the About tab there is a short description of the show. This will probably worth watching once, then you can decide if future installments are worth your time.


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I watched it. These kind of shows can be a bit predictable because of the format used. I'm glad the guys got a chance with the exposer and I think the second one may flow smoother as well. I didn't get why they were putting serrations on Bowie knives?

The Katanas the two smiths made were sweet, particularly the winner's of course

My wife is always saying to me when we watch TV together, They can't hear you! As I yell at the flat screen!:biggrin:

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Watched it.
I thought they showed respect for the craft and I hope it does well. I like it.

Justin Presson

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I watched it too, had a few cheesy parts but for the most part really liked it. 3 hours seems ridiculous to get a blade done in time. they all looked pretty rough. Once they got to go back to there own shop and had 5 days you could tell the quality went way up.

Who is going to try and split a bullet now :)

Wayne Coe

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A couple of years ago at the Batson Blade Symposium the forging contest was to make a knife in 1 hour using a coal forge. Each maker could have a helper to tend the fire. Contestants were given a piece of 1095 a piece of wood and super glue. They each also had a Bader belt grinder. All 4 finished their knives and did a good job.

Gary Miller

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i watched it. i thought they did a pretty good job the only thing is why does every thing have to be about weapons. i know my wife who watched it with me said that they were going for a larger audience and of course she is right , but any knife that will clive a coconut will clive a skull and a knife that will cut a canvas sand bag will open a belly. i do have to admit that to most people weapons are the highest form of the art . she who must be obeyed said i was just mad because two guys that i know didn't win . but it was a pretty good show may be next season will be stock removal . or
they will really do something hard, forge to shape a 6 inch fillet knife out of an old file, then slice a tomato with it so thin you can really read a newspaper through it and bend 90