For sale - Mickley Seahorse skinner


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Hello, I have a Tracy Mickley seahorse skinner that I would like to sell. This knife is featured on his website however the photo used was taken prior to him adding the scroll work, but it is the exact knife. I have been in contact with Tracy on this knife, he recalls making it in or about 2005. He was unsure if this knife was sold or gifted to someone and there is no price listed for it on the website so I am unsure as to its original or current value. I would like $250 for this knife. I am open to offers.



not at all...That's a real nice knife.

I don't know about other guys...but I have promised my better-half that after buying all this knife making equipment...I wouldn't be buying knives anymore...just making them...Lol.

It hurts sometimes.

Chris Railey

Its a great knife but most of us here have invested much money and time and money in gaining the ability to make knives. It is very hard no matter how much we want to, to spend more buying a knife.

Sean Jones

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Gorgeous knife.

However, as other's have mentioned most of us are investing what money we can into knifemaking rather than buying. You might want to expand your audience to other knife sites. However one caveat on that. Some of the bigger knife sites want you to pay for a membership in order to sell on their sites. Don't know if that would be worth it to you or not.