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Jake Mello

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Please read

No links to eBay or other auction sites are allowed.

Non-paid members are allowed to post the occasional item for sale or trade. This includes knives and related knife supplies or services.

We want you to post your items for sale, trade or knife related services on KnifeDogs.com but there are limits to selling as a non-paid member.

Please read the requirements carefully so there are no hard feelings later.

Non-paid members will be allowed to post a forsale, or services offered message for a total of 12 times or less in a year. You can bump your post once.

We also understand a very few will take advantage of anything free so we have to put some specific restrictions in place. If you find the need to post more than 12 times a year, you will need to purchase a membership.

Some examples:

If you are part time knife maker and complete a knife a month to sell, we encourage you to post it here in the forsale forum.

If you are a dealer, you can post 12 knives for sale in a year at no cost to you.

In both cases, these can be all in one post or 12 different posts.

If you are a supplier of any kind, you also may post up to 12 times a year any knife related items for sale. Due to the nature of items like wood sales, there may be several pieces of wood in one posting and we understand that. In this case we will count posts, not pieces.

If you provide services to the industry, you are encouraged to post your available services notice in the appropriate forums up to 12 times a year.

Occasionally a knife maker has some extra material to sell. Good! Post it for sale but please understand this will be part of your 12 limit. It is our desire to have a very open forum for the sale and exchange of knives, supplies and services for all members including he non-paid member.

We believe these limitations will be a reasonable balance in resources on the system and fair to those that have paid for membership. We may need to adjust this policy as our experience develops.

General for sale forum rules:

-To sell in these forums you must have your "About me" and "Contact info" available for view in your profile, as well as a valid e-mail address. This will build trust with your potential buyers and an ability for them to contact you if there are any problems.

-When posting an item for sale you must give an accurate discription of the item as well as price and pictures. If you are unable to post pictures for any reason you must alot a percentage of condition.
(example: The knife is at 70%. It has been carried and sharpened.)

-Payed members may only bump there thread once a week. Unless there is a price change for an item.

-Thank you and may your sales be abunndent and profitable,
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