For my good friend


A good friend of mine gifted me an awsome camera at christmas time, so i figured i'd better make him a little something in return.

Blade: ATS-34 3/16" Thick
Handles: 6AL4V TI
Spacers: 6AL4V TI
Latch: 6AL4V TI
Clip: 6AL4V TI

Blade length is 4.4" with an OAL of 9.6".

I wanted to make something with lighter, classier inserts.i also tried positioning the blade on an oldschool downward slope which i often dont do as it is tough to keep thing symetrical. but it worked out ok. oh and he likes both sides sharp.., so they are :)

I only snapped a couple pics in horrid lighting and the photos still turned out as nice as they would have if i spent hours with my old camera. i think with a good light tent i can take some killer photo's.

thanks pal, i owe ya