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Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by Sean Cochran, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Sean Cochran

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    Here is a neat video, my daughter is a fastpitch pitcher. We found this video I thought it was pretty cool. I think I remember Darci saying she plays softball.
    This just proves it, if fastpich was easy they would let boys play.:D
    [ame=""]YouTube- FSN Sport Science - Episode 7 - Myths - Jennie Finch[/ame]

    BTW Darci, that is a great looking knife you just posted, I bet your pops is proud.
  2. darci

    darci Guest

    Thank you MR. Cochran i've been telling people that for years HA HA HA LOL,LOL i got to meet jenny she's cool, the best ,i'm going to show all my friend,team mates this and our coach she keeps trying to get us to hit like baseball hitters and i'm saying no keep your arms down and swing not up and then lower them "Jenny told us that " but the coach dont believe us now she will.

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