Flame Resistant Pants


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What do you ware to protect your legs while you are forging. My apron goes down to just below my knees. I have had more then a few jeans with burn holes in them. I can tell you they are not made of cotton anymore. Blend would probably be a good word.



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I wear fire rated jeans. They are common in the utility power industry another option is Duluth fire house jeans. My apron is from them and wears like iron
What fire rated jeans do you wear? I found out that carhartt has fire rated pants. I might have to order them online.


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A number of years ago, I had the folks at Tree Stump leather build me a custom forging apron..... full front coverage from the neck down.....split front leg covers, that go all the way down to the top of my boot(s), with straps to hold the legs in place (straps are just above my knee joints).

I think I paid $200 for the Apron.... but I met up with them at the Blade Show, they custom measured and built it to specifically fit me. (8-9oz smooth leather... to take the burns/abuse.


I just ordered a forging apron from T-Star Leather.
They were at Blade and took my measurements there. He is going to add some extra length to protect my lower legs.
The apron was very nice, heavy duty, and seemed well made.
It won't be that pretty mahogany color for very long though.
Hopefully the last shop apron I'll ever buy.


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I know Vombrown on here was making some aprons but haven’t seen him around recently. Just got two pairs of Duluth’s myself. Not fair retardant just hope I won’t blow the knees out so quick!
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