First welded billet

Discussion in 'Hot Metal' started by Freds Edge, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Freds Edge

    Freds Edge Well-Known Member

    I have started my first welded billet , started with 11 layers of 1084 and 15N20 , 1'' wide and 3.5 " long , forged out to 5.5'' long and 1.5'' wide. My power hammer (my right arm) has come to the conclusion that a mechanical power hammer or hyd press are in order.
  2. C Craft

    C Craft Well-Known Member

    Whaaaaaaaaat no pics??? OK I get it, too tired to trigger the shutter!! :biggrin: You are way ahead of me!! Still would like to see! :les: :35:
  3. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    Now you understand why the power hammers and pressed are so important to us old farts![emoji1]. I still remember my first Damascus billet by hand.... started looking for a power hammer shortly there after.

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  4. Freds Edge

    Freds Edge Well-Known Member

    Here are a few pix's,the material ,the welded billet ready for the forge and the end result . As an aside note this Saturday I am going to a meeting of the Michigan Artistic Blacksmith Assc., it taking place only a few miles from my house and yes ED I'am starting my search for a small power hammer,LOL. IMG_1355.jpg IMG_1356.jpg IMG_1357.jpg IMG_1359.jpg
  5. Freds Edge

    Freds Edge Well-Known Member

    Well started with 2 stacks of 10 layer and one stack of 11 layer all 1''x 3'' and now after much hammering I have 1 billet of 42 layer at 1.3''x 4.3''x 1'' and contemplating my next move . Thinking of cutting it into 3 equal pieces , stacking them and forge welding for 124 layers then hot cutting the stack and IMG_1368.jpg IMG_1367.jpg re-welding for I think some Feather Damascus
  6. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    That's awesome!

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