First scrimshaw attempt.

Mike Davis

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I am a tattoo artist by trade and am always drawing, painting, carving or some other form of hands on art. I have wanted to do scrimshaw for quite some time so i decided to give it a shot after visiting Randy Haas( HHH Knives). He was kind enough to let me borrow his scrimshaw kit and i figured there is no better way to start than actually starting. This is what i came up with.

It is my first attempt, so there are some rough spots, but i am pretty happy with it. What do you guys think?

HHH Knives

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Sweet Mike. Its great. I have seen this on FB and a couple other places. including my inbox.. Where I was able to blow it up and really get a good look at it.. Amazing talent you have sir. Keep at it and you will go far!

God Bless YA

Mike Davis

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I have no books or videos. I can give the advice that was given to me. Grab some antler, polish it to the highest polish you have the ability to and just go to town. Someone told me that Bob Egnath's book is really informative. I am looking for that one my self. Using a nicely sharpened scribe is also very important, and you could make several, all ground different for different effects. Remember, as long as the end product looks good, there is no cheating :)


Mike Davis

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I figured i should post my second attempt. Here is the tiger eyes i just finished up.

Pretty happy as i seem to be progressing :)


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Very nice work Mike! I don't see you having any problem learning this new skill. I choose a different path because I can't compete with all the great scrimshanders out there, and now there's another one!


Bruce Bump

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I agree with the others here, Mike you have a talent for this, keep it up and see where it goes. I really like the tiger eyes closeup.


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Mike the picture of the horse make me think of my mom . She was a real talented artist and has be stricken with frontal lobe dementia its a real bad disease. I have been trying to get her to paint again but her memory is worstening more each month now. She is now in a nursing home and wants to go back to the farm and her horse. I came back here to see the latest scrimshaw artist and you hit it perfect. Thanks for showing I love seeing wild life the most on horn or bone. Kellyw