First sandflex satin finish

John Wilson

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looks great! i’m also liking the sandflex block. I’m doing a fillet as we speak and the sandflex block after 600 grit does a fantastic job of “muting” the scratch pattern without removing the character.


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I just bought a set of sandflex blocks that had the course, medium and fine which I received over the weekend. I finished out my KITH knife blade with the medium as well as the satin bolsters just to see how they would perform. Worked like a charm! I'll be using these blocks a lot more in the future.

Chris Railey

They are the sandflex blocks by Klingspor but they are unlike anything I have tried before. They are rubber so you can flex them or even shape them how you want. The best description I can give is they are slightly crumbly rubber blocks with grit mixed all in so you continuously have new grit exposed until the entire block is consumed. I have only tried the medium block and I also used it to "polish" a hamon after an etch and it was great for that but I only sanded to 600. If you go higher the fine block may be better.