First Ones Of 2018


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I have a friend and co-worker leaving for Iraq in a couple of weeks and he wanted me to make him a knife to carry. Never tried to make a "military" knife. This is knife number #24 so far. I made it with removable scales so it can be taken apart and cleaned. Made a kydex sheath to match his uniform.

Payment for the knife. I told him I wanted a silver dollar and a picture from Iraq for the knife.
I figured he would just go to the bank and get a silver dollar. Nope. Gave me a beautiful
1885 silver dollar. I was blown away. It's awesome!

Next one is a drop point with coconut husk and osage orange scales. Black and white liners. Black,white, and nickel silver stripe. Nickel silver pins.

2017 was a great year! Looking forward to 2018. Hope you are too!


Very nice knives! The more I see osage orange, the more i like it, even more when it's paired with something as you did here.