First Knife in a LOOOOONG TIME!!!

Have not been in the Garage making anything for ever. This knife Is one I came up with for Breast Cancer Awareness. I sent the Image over to Great Lakes Water Jet who Cut out a Piece of ATS 34 and donated it to the cause. (Sorry it took me so long to get it done.) The handles are Pink G-10. with stainless Pins and Lanyard Tube. Still have some sanding to do. It goes up for auction at work in the "Silent Auction" for Breast Cancer on the first.
Sorry the picture is not so good I worked on this one for most of the night and it is dark and I am tired. I will get better picks when it is done.

I have been gone for a while and hope to get back into it again. Sorry to My Good Friend Bruce. I wanted to get over to your place more and hope to as long as it is ok with you.

Now I just need to get more in Shape and get more of these things finished.

Thanks All.
Larry Hensley IMAG0735.jpg

Frank Niro

This was a super good thing to do and it looks like it is coming along just fine. And if it gets you back to making knives again, well it was a great recovery plan ! Frank