First Forged Knife

Justin Presson

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Well after the ICCE show I got motivated to get back at my first forged knife. This was like learning knife making all over again. I finished grinding the bevels in today and man its a lot different grinding a blade you have forged the bevels already into.
I went with this style knife so I could get a good idea on how to move the metal. I did make a lot of mistakes. One was letting it get to cool when I did the handle twist and result have a small crack in it.
This started out as a 1/4" by 1" piece of flat bar of 1084.
I will try and get more pics after I sharpen and make the sheath I got giddy and had to share some pics.

You can see in this photo my grind got a little away from me but I wanted to leave the forged finish on the part between the bevel and swedge.

Anyway thanks for looking and all critique and comments are welcome, I'm still learning this game

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Justin Presson

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Thanks Anthony! One thing I wanted to mention is after I forged the blade had an upswept profile to it. I didn't know that when you hammered in the bevels how much it would impact the profile so I annealed it and cut off the tip and then ground in the shape I wanted. That's probably cheating but its what I did. I don't know how you guys forge so close to final profile.
It was a huge learning experience and I can't wait to do it again!!


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Looking good Justin. I need to get an anvil tracked down... I've been wanting to do some forging myself.



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Looks good Justin. Glad to hear the experience you're having with it. I have to admit, I'm a little envious.