First after surgery Follow up....


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AND ITS A GOOD REPORT!!! All I can say is Praise God!

I went in this afternoon for my first follow up since the lung surgery. I saw the surgeon who performed the operation, and he was just shaking his head.... At first this thing started out as a malignant tumor that they believed was cancerous. Then when the first biopsy came back, it became a malignant tumor that was non-cancerous. Today at the appointment, the Surgeon had what he called "the final report", which says that this thing was benign, meaning that it was non- cancerous! He kept saying that it was "just weird". I then had a visit with the Pulmonary Doc who sent me to this Surgeon, and he was saying the same thing...."this is just weird". I told each of them that there was no doubt in my mind that this whole thing was the work of God, and they each looked at me with that dog at the TV screen look. I think they were trying to decide if I was serious or not.

The plan from this point is to send me to a Oncologist, in hopes that THEY can figure out just whats going on. I already know exactly where the healing came from, but they are insistent that I go, and that I have scans and/or chest Xrays every 6 months for at least the next two years. If thats what it takes, then so be it.

Both Docs released me to go back to work, and drive! They say that my right arm/chest will take about 4-6 months to get back to full use/strength because of all the muscles the had to slice through, but I suppose thats just part of the deal.

I want to Thank everyone again for all your prayers and well wishes! Maybe some folks might not see or believe it, but in my mind a person would have to be blind and just plain stupid to not realize that those prayers going up, and the response of God, is what created this kind of outcome. I may not know the full reason for all of this, but I can't help but think that its not only been to strengthened my feeble faith, but will allow me to help someone else down the road.


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That's Great news Ed, glad to hear you are on the road to a full recovery! Take it slow and don't over do it now that you're allowed back in the shop.

Jeff Pearce

That is great news. We are Hoping for the same news on my wife...she has surgery january 6th...To remove her tumor

Ron Bendele

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I am glad to hear that you are doing well Ed. I believe that God has a plan for you and you are needed here as part of that plan.


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Great news Mr C,... and it doesnt matter who else believes what helped you. YOU do, thats all that counts.


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Ed, That is the news we all have been waiting to here. You and I have talked about that there are reasons for everything. Of course we may not understand why at the time. We may not ever find out that answer. I think that the answer for most of us is right in front. The good lord designs journeys every. This to me is just one more.

Thank you Lord for giving Ed a clean bill.

Take care Ed and go slowly to start with.



Power of Prayer is a great thing. Amazing that some people still don't understand God's healing hand. Great news Ed and can't wait for the 6 month x-ray and the doctor's reaction.


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good luck Ed , I hope you are feeling better . my wife and I will say a healing prayer for you . Bubba

Mike Barton

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It's really good to hear you're back on the upside of things. Doctors don't usually place a lot of stock in anything intangible. If they can't measure it quantitatively, it doesn't exist and you need more tests so they can understand what happened.

Luckily the Lord will take a positive response and act without further testing required. Take it slow to start, but have at it in the shop.

You'll be back in the swing of things before you know it 2thumbs


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That is Awsome Ed!! I am glad it worked out so good. Thank the good lord above! Now you will have to learn how to forge left! But you probley already can do that. Like everyone else said take it slow and don't rush things. You will get better in time. Take care buddy


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Well, I went "back to work" today....well sort of. I had to try out the new respirator, so I started the day by finish grinding three damascus am I out of practice! I thought for sure that I had gotten all of those 50 grit scratches out. It took me 3-4 trips back and forth between the hand finishing bench and the grinder to finally get them all! :)

After that I started in on a batch of iron roses that I promised Cindy I would make for all the ladies she works with for Christmas. After about an hour of that it was time for a break. I'm gona take everyone's advice an "ease" back into those 10-12 hour days.....I hate to say it, but I can tell that this thing took a lot outta me!

But even with that...its awfully good to be back in the shop working again!

Carey Quinn

Great news Ed! Maybe you just had to go through this as a testimony to the doctors.

Glad to hear you're back at it but remember to listen to your body. It will tell you when to rest and will punish you if you don't listen.

God bless,


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Great news Ed. The Good Lord has proven to me that faith goes a very long way in both recovery/healing as well as protection. There is no other reason explainable why I'm still standing after all of the accidents I've been involved in and all of the close calls I've had on various missions.

As my battle buddy used to tell me, "Murph, the Good Lord loves the dumb and the ugly". I'm not sure which one he considers me, but I'm thankfull none the less.

Best of luck with your continued recovery Ed. We all look forward to seeing your new creations and continueing to receive your masterfull advice.


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That is great news. I have been making knives for about 9 months and I used to wear the cheap masks and after reading your posts my whife and I decided that I should be using better protection. I found a new respirator and am using at all times when at the grinder.

God bless and Happy New Year.

Mike Morehouse