First 3 knives

Mark Behnke

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Forged 1084
old ax handle wood and antler
Tapped and threaded 1/4" brass rod for butt nut.
Done with files and hand sand
black paper micarta
Forged 1084
filed and sanded
SS pins

1084 stock removal, KMG
ivory paper micarta, 304 SS bolster and pins

All knives were austinized to 1500 in electric oven and tempered at 400

Lots of flaws and mistakes on these ,Plunge and bolster fit up on #3were my biggest head ache.

Please comment, critiqe and advise.



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Nice Mark!! Nice to see you tackle a dagger on your first attemps. Damm good attempts too!!2thumbs

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I really like the first one. I'm not much of a dagger guy. More into utility knifes and the first one is right up my alley.