Finished Chef Cleaver

Mark Barone

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So with your help, I completed it as best as I could. I appreciate the support. OAL is 12 inches 80c4v2. Desert Iron Wood up to 1000 grit ( boiled linseed oil finish) brass pins, Cold Hammered with 16 oz ball peen hammer. Just cleaned up the scale and sanded down a bit to have some contrast. I still have to sharpen. I am getting a 1x30 sharpening guide tomorrow. Critique is always welcome.


John Wilson

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That turned out fantastic! Not only is it beautiful, but the end result looks balanced, properly proportioned and excellently finished.

Mark, I think you’ve got a bright future in kitchen knives!


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All of the above! That looks great! All the modifications you made from the original idea turned that into a looker.
How'd the edge handle the chopping?

Bruce McLeish

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Mark , I must admit that I had reservations about this at the start , but you really pulled the rabbit outta the hat. This turned out really sweet. Great job. And the handle is terrific. I'm sure that after you get it sharp , you'll be doubly proud.