Finally finished a knife....


Short Bowie
12 1/8" long.
7 1/2" from tip of blade to guard face.
4 5/8" from guard face to heel cap.
Blade steel: A-2...snap temper, cryo in LN, double tempered. RC-60.5.
Bronze hardware.
handle: highly figured Claro Walnut sealed then finished with bowling alley wax.
sheath: Wicket&Craig tooling leather made by someone better'n me at sheath (Kinna Custom Leather)



thanks Bruce!

This one is being given away at a men's function held by the sheath makers church. I'll make him another on I want him to have one.
Next is Gene Kimmi's....I got a nice KITH Bowie from him a year ago...a real beauty. So he forced me to up my game a! I was too ill to make him one then...but am excited to be making him one now!

Gene's Bowie is also the reason I quit making my own sheaths. The sheath he made has unbelievably clean stitching. Like....perfect looking to my eye.(knife quality matched his sheath )I realized that doing my own sheath would be a step down in quality. So I had the guy that makes the "production" sheaths for the little EDC design one and am happy with it.

Those KITH swaps do a lot to inject fresh thinking into your process!

Gene Kimmi

Dang, Ted! I'm blown away. That is absolutely stunning! And the best part is, as Dennis said, you are feeling better and able to work. I can see your order books filling up with these!


Mark , aren't you in charge of the mid year kith! Like a fourth of July party?
Hope to be done with these sooner than that! Lol.....but I also hope to be ready for the next KITH!!

a snap temper is a quick temper cycle done to relieve stress before cryo...some say not needed. I did it because with health issues I never know when I'm gonna hit the "juice" lol (out of commission for a day or two with a vat of liquid nitrogen waiting...). Didn't want any untempered blades waiting on me and getting "angry" about it....
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Thanks guys for all the kind comments. I finally made a knife I can't afford to Next design will be a bit simpler.... These hidden tangs are trickier than I thought it would be...