Finally built up the courage to post a few pics

Eric Poris

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So I Have put a few handles on a few knife blanks already, but this is the first one I am actually proud of. I just got a working camera again so I had to take a few pictures after many hours of field testing. Not the best pics so sorry if the flash is obnoxious, still learning my new camera.
Once I get my grinder built I vow to never buy a blank again but I needed to start somewhere.

Hand forged 5160 with a differential heat treat 58Rc
416 SS bolsters and pins
Stab Buckeye Burl
I did do a little bit of stock removal changing the shape just a bit.

I bought the sheath and just molded it for a nice snug fit.
I learned a lot from doing my first few knives. Wish I would have found this site sooner. I am a meat and potatoes man...I prefer function over form. I built this knife to be a user and it has had a lot of use. I gotta say there is so much more to it all and I can't wait to finish my grinder!
Any constructive criticism is most welcome!:cool:



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Eric Poris

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Thanks guys. Actually the buckeye is stabilized and I didn't buff it at all. I just went to 320 grit dry sanding for a decent satin finish on the pins and bolsters and kept a bit of grip on the wood. I wanted this knife as a user and just knew I would beat it up a lot. The blade was a semi mirror finish but after using it for a few weeks it got a little corroded.