File work... let's see 'em!

Johnny Roberts

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After watching Harvey Dean do several different patterns with just a few files, I bought a:

1/8 chain saw file
1/4 chain saw file
1/4 Triangular file

I polish with sandpaper rolled around some 3/16 pinstock.

BTW, he made one side of the triangular file "safe" bu grinding off the teeth on his belt sander. This allowed him to move cuts in different directions.

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Got to love that file work! 2thumbs Here's a question for you guys that do-it-yourself... do you try a file work pattern out on a scrap piece of steel or do you go to work on the actual knife from the get go?

Josh Dabney

I've never done any practice runs but what I have done is lay the pattern out on the blade with a fine tip sharpie.

Having seen Duane Dushane's video and reading tutorials does help also.

There are tricks of the trade that can also help to get correct spacing depending on the pattern.

For opposing cuts- cut one side then "roll" the file over the spine flat to allign the cut on the opposite side.

For altenating cuts- cut one side then line up the edge of the file with the edge of the cut. Then "roll" over to the opposite side to begin the that cut.



This is a picture of my 3rd knife, but I'm not sure if the filework can be clearly seen or not. I went with the simple, basic wave pattern. Didn't really take my time on it either so it's not exactly evenly spaced or filed. The filework on my 2nd knife is much better but I don't have a pic of it.


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I'm surprised I never added Frank Niro's 'Double Lightning' to this thread. Liners and backspacers are fileworked and anodized. Wish I could take better pictures. :sad: Frank did an outstanding job on this one!

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My trade mark is the scorpion tail razor . I filed twisted rope on the spine . If it wasnt for Duane Duchane video I cant imagin how ide do it . this straight razor is a full wedge made from aldo s 1084 and black horn scales with a bone wedge .

Frank Niro

Thanks, Gary !!!! I'm now taking some pictures but haven't yet learned to post to a forum .
I'm still learning the file work. When I did the first ones it was because I was asked to. I told all who were interested I was going to stop any time. About then my wife told me "All folders leaving here are to have file work". I thought if she thinks it's okay well I just better continue. Frank


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Your wife sounds like a wise woman, Frank! :1: Was she watching over your shoulder while you fileworked the "Double Lightning" liners and backspacers?


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Here are a coupe straight razors I made sorry my focus if out one is twisted rope and one creeping vine I forgot I posted the one short memory . Josh is right duchane is one of the best I am glad to have the video or ide be lost half the time.
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