Ferrum flos WIP


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This is my first WIP on this forum.
Now english is not my main language so please be tolreant with my if i misspell somethings.
Ferrum flos is an artdagger i made for Helsinki knifeshow in januari.

When i draw an dagger i only draw half of it. Thats becuse im a lossy drawer an i simply cant draw a symetry dagger.
Make a copy an cut it out an d glue it to the orginal and make a new copy and tadaaaa you have a komplitly drawing.

The steel is a nice piece from Damasteel.

I tape the drawing to some plexiglas and cut it out on my bandsaw. Then i have a stabil tamplet fore the steel and also á tamplet for the shelth later on.
transfer the bladedrawing to the steel.

Cut out the blank on the bandsaw.

Blade is now cut and profiled and its time to grind.

80 grit

1000 grit.

Handsand the riccaso.

its pretty stright so i just use a file for this.

Stamping the blade.

Now its hardningtime.

hope you like it sofar.



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Great work! Love it! It's crazy how straight you kept the tops of your grind lines. Can't do that to save my life!


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Thanks guys.
Here is the blade after hardning.

Here is the blade after grinding and polish. its handsanded to 2000 grit.

Time for acid :cool:
About one hour in coold 30% saltacid.
I think the patten came out really well huh?

Im welding a threded rod on the tang.
I do this after hardning and acid becuse it will corrode in the acidfumes.

This is what the handle will look like.
Its litle out there right?

Ok lets make the guard.
Making two pices of RWL.
one is 3,5 mm thick and 10 cm long and one is 5mm thick and 15 cm long.
Center and drill holes fore the tang.
I use a goldsmithsaw to saw of the waist betwin the holes.

Then its time for nidlefiles.
Make it tight :biggrin:

It looks a bit.....oversiced hmmm

Well it will be allright i think.
I make a eliptic patten.
I'l use paint on my computor so its very very basic.
(i hate computors btw)

Cut it out

Center the thin pice of RWL.
Its importent that you make the measuring from the hole and not trom the edge if the steel.
If you make the measurment from the edge to edge of the steel and the hole is just of center all of the dame thing will be of center.

Transfer the oval to the steel and make drawings for the "arms"

Saw it out on the bandsaw and profilegrind it.

Grind and sanding the arms round.

Here you can see where i laid out the paten for some filework.

I'l use three roundfiles and one triangelfile fore this kind of filework.


More guardwork next time.
See ya.

wall e

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Wow this is great work Tommy. And as far as the language, I have a friend who english is his first language and he has a hard time spelling.


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Making an x of the big metalpice

grinding and sanding the arms round

Im going to do some inlays in the guard so i make the mesaurements for that.

Sawing and filing out the pocket for the inlays.

Filing the walls of the pocket at 70 degrees

Sawing out some abalone for inlays.

Im grindin the abalone on a homemade jig so they end up at 70 degrees. That make me anble to slide them in the pockets and i dont need to glue them.
Thats good becuse i need to take em of later on.

AAAH F...k allright lets clear somthing out.
it is and has allways been and will allways be a shity idea to put your fingers in a grinder at fullspeed with a 60 grit band on

Now i need to take some bulk of on the abalone.
i paint the steel blue and clamp it to a flat surfice.
Put in the inlays and sand it untill the blu is gone. Then you know the inlays are flush to the steel.

Take the inlays of and put heat on the arns.
I need then cherry red to....

...Bend them.

sand of the black stuff and polish them.

Next time we are making flowers :nothing:



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Thanks Walt.
No i didnt broke it.
I grinded it of. musho pain.
Lets make flowers.
Cuting out six pices of steel.

Drilling a 3mm hole right throu.
then i drill a 10mm hole just throu half the pice.

Grinding them round.

screwing the steel on some pices of wood so i can hold them in my wice while i do the filework.

Starting the filework.

And on the top.

Pretty cool huh?

Now its time for polish and abalone inlays.

Fix the flower to the guard.

Im tapeing the guard to protekt the polished parts then im welding the flower to the guards.

put in the inlays.

guards done.
I found a nice pice of stabilezed redwood burl for handle.'

Drilling for the tang.

pretty nice

Sawing of the bulk.

I dont want a round handle.
I want six flat surfice handle so i use my ocilated drum sander to do this.
its alovely tool.

this is the profile of the handle i want for this knife.

Starting to look like a knife. Right?

Next time im going to do the backend.

see ya


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Hi all.
Im so so so sorry but i totelly forgot about this WIP.
Thats no good.
Well here we go.
Lets do the back end.
Sawing out and drill all the parts.

Superglue them together and drill two 1,6 hole thrue them and in to the handle.

This is just to make sure there is no twisting of the backend later on.

Starting to form the backend.

Grinding the topbit to an 70degree angle.

grinding the top to 90degree

Looking good

So its time for inlays.
Since the bit is at a 70 degree angle i have to make a sawing jig to make the pocket.

Sawing out the pocket for abaloneinlays.

More lateron.


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Ok here is some more.
Make the abalone inlays.

Now i need to make the topnut.
i take a roundbar.

I will drill ahole in the middle so i need to find the middle of the bit. There is probobly a much easier way to do this but hey why do things easy?
I clamp a ruler to a 90 degree angeljig.

Then i draw lines like a sun on the roundbar. were all lines meet up there is the middle.


Drill hole and tap it

put in a threded rod

Since i dont have a lathe i have to do this with a handheld drillmashine and my grinder.

im running the drill one way and the grinder the other.
Puting the hole thing in my drillpress and sand it.

Nice huh?

See you later

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Mr.Eklund, this is an awesome WIP! But this last tip, the way you did this end nut,
finial nut, what ever you want call it, is just plain awesome! That's all there is to it.
Thank you for doing this WIP, for us guys that aren't as tooled up as we want to be,
just yet! As with everyone, its coming just not as fast as we all want it to,
this will make me change some of my future plans and free up some cash for
other more important stuff, THANK YOU, PHENOMENAL JOB!
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Wow Thank YOU Rex.
But this is what its all about isnt?
You can do complicated things with simple tool as long as you think outside the box. Right?
I dont own a metalmill or a metallathe so i have to do it some other way.
If you dont have matches but need a fire you can doit some otherway.

Thaks for all the warm words