Feather pattern tryout


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Dear Bruce,
inspired from your WIP-threads i tried to make a feather-pattern but with my equipment, i do have a power hammer not a hydraulic press. So i startet with a fire cracker pattern, compressed it, cut to pieces and welded them together.
Then cut in half with the chisel, rewelded and drew out to expand the before compressed pattern to a point where it looks nice.
That was the plan, but it came totally different, see yourself.


I think the reason why it looks like this is that after rewelding the two chiseled pieces they were a little warped, so i cut it off the handle and made it a nice cube under the power-hammer before drawing out. Think i tilted some layers by this process.

Anyway i like what came out even if it was planned totally different, it is kind of unique, guess i could not repeat it.
Thank you very much for giving me inspiration, it really is like you said in one of your threads
"feather pattern is so much fun" :13:

Regards Peter

Dan Pierson

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Great looking pattern indeed.

There's a guy over on iforgeiron.com, John N I think, who has done some great feather
(and other patterns) using just power hammers. He's also the U.K. distributor for Anyang
and has a business repairing older big hammers so he has something of a selection to play with.

Hmm, just took a look. He's got a website: http://www.shadowforge.co.uk/

Bruce Bump

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Hey Peter,Thanks for posting your blade. I like it too. Very unique and even pattern, love the way it goes two directions. At first I thought you may have put the two halves back together with one reversed but the flow at the weld is smooth. I,ve never drawn with a power hammer so you,re probally right about getting crooked, Feathers are fun arent they?


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Dan, thank you for the adress, it says website comming soon so I will look it up from time to time.

Bruce yes feathers are definately great fun. I will go on trying it is so exciting.
Already think about making a tool to crook it before cutting.
Giving it a slightly V shape before cutting in half could maybe have that effect like it happened to the bottom part of my blade.
I must give it a try, I'm on fire now.
Thanks and regards

Jim Poling

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Very nice and unique pattern Peter, The pattern keeps you eyes moving and yet it has a pleasant flow. Keep it up:)



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Hello Bruce, thank you that you allow me to show my work here.

Made another Billet feathered firecracker for a customer who wants to make an integral knife from it.

From the first billet i made a kitchen knife now

Next i want to experiment with crooked layers. Hope i find out someting interesting and share it with you here.

Regards Peter