Father's Day Sale on Knifemaking Books


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Father's Day is coming soon, and so for the first time since publication, I am putting my books on sale. Knifemaking Hacks is over 300 pages of knifemaking tips and tricks, with over 100 professional photos of some of the best knives in the world. This book is perfect for knifemakers and collectors. On sale for $25 shipped, regular price $33.

My second book, Next Level Knifemaking, features 26 chapters by 17 industry experts on a wide variety of topics. What does it take to get to the "next level" for you? Maybe professional photography or publication would give you a leg up. Maybe it's improving your equipment. Maybe it's expanding your knife interest into a new area. On sale for $30 shipped, regular price $33.

For a bit more information, and to purchase, the link is HERE. Sale will run through Father's Day.


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Started to read tonight, first break and almost done. Very good and laugh on some things. Think I am only knife maker who doesn’t have a knife in shop that is useful and needed.