F26 belt grease.

I figured I would try this stuff to help extend my belt life. I was wondering what is the best way to apply it to my belts. Spinning (maybe a mess in the making) or stationary?


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I need to use it more often as it does give a smoother grind with a lot less heat. It's just so messy and greasy it's a bit discouraging. Still I find it extends the belt life and gives a cleaner grind. I give the belt a quick, light coating while running and that's about it. I often use Norax belts and the lube just wrecks those but it does work well on zirc and ceramic belts. Try a very light dab for hand sanding and it will help also.
Thanks I had not thought of hand sanding with it. I normally use Zirc and ceramic belts so good to hear it helps those. I really wanted it for post HT grinding efforts due to heat build up so that is also good news, thanks again.