Eye Problem solved...


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I have been plagued with depth perception problems since I had macular surgery in June, 2012. My eyes see things from 2 different angles and it's outside the realm of the brain synchronizing the two images. Didn't make for getting things evenly lined up. And that's been a real big problem.

I'm pretty sure I solved it with the help of a good optician. He worked with me and figured out a perscription that will solve my vision problems. The focal distance is between 6" and 14-15". And then, maybe I'll post pic's of the blades I'm not totally embarrassed to show.:)

Note to any young-uns that may be reading this. A buffing machine grabbed a piece out of my hand and it it me in the eye. After an eye operation, everything was supposed to be fine. Fast forward 25 years and countless pairs of glasses, a specialist discovered that the injury had also 'dented' my optic nerve. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE KIDS.


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Thats probably what I need to do . It seems somedays I see pretty well , other days nearly everything is blurred. Sometimes I cant read the news on TV....... Bubba

Sean Jones

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Glad to hear you got it sorted out.

I've seen with my eyes from two different angles every since I was a kid. It's called various things, strabismis, amblyopia or lazy eye. It can be difficult to adjust to when it happens later in life. I've learned to adjust and to me it's perfectly normal.

If you do have any further problems there are a number of methods now to correct it.