Extrema Ratio enthusiasts? [pics please!]



To me the Extrema Ratio heavy folder line of knives is among the best there is to get in tactical folders.
Tough, simple, strong, big knives with thick blades :D
Anyone else fancy Extrema Ratio folders or perhaps fixed blades? Please ad your pics to make this a great topic.

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I Realy hope to see some of your Extrema Ratio's. Fixed blades also very welcome!


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awesome pics of awesome folders SERE.
i only have the Harpoon II now,i'm sure i'll get other models.

i posted this on the USN and JD,but i think this thread needs some pics.

E R Knives really are well made,with a good handle,which feels comfortable despite the unconventional appearance.
the balance point is about an inch ahead of the guard,and the knife does not feel heavy at all.but then maybe i'm used to big knives.
the sheath has a drop-loop and leg straps,but these can be removed.
i like the serrations as these aren't too pointy,so they won't bind.
great knife.