Everyone I know in 'real' life....


ISN'T into knives... so here I am. :) ... and growing knife communities are good thing these days. Add me to your ranks. :) This seems like a nice place to join. My name's Rob and I've posted on other forums under the name RobME. It's my first name abbreviated, middle and last initial... The avatar's my irreplaceable BFF, who past after 24 yrs, I use it in her honor.

Just thought I'd check in, say hello, and do the intro. Thanks &...

Regards to all!


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Don't feel bad Rob. All of my buddies and family think I'm crazy for being nuts about knives. I have one guy I work with who says he's a knife buff, but is fixated on Busse and Koster knives. I guess he's almost a knife nutt, just has tunnel vision. Both Busse and Koster are well respected makers, but there is much more to offer in the world of knives than just two makers. I love most all knives.

Welcome to the pack! The best part of this community is that if our friends and family are correct and we are crazy, we've found the right looney farm to hang out in.