Dundee Bowie II


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This is my second attempt at a Dundee Bowie, the handle is Indian Ebony from Woodstabilizer ...some of the best Ebony I've ever worked with. The guard and pommel are 360 brass, the 11" blade is mirror polished 440 C, overall length is 16 1/4".

Any comments are welcome.


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Nice work Gill, really like the shape of the guard and pommel. Love that mirror polish too!

Rob Nelson

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Now that's a knife ... just never gets old! Needs an inverted back scabbard out of crocodile skin. :biggrin:

Beautiful work!


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Another beauty, Gill. Did you mill out the fuller?

I dont have a mill ) : I have a friend that has a machine shop he did it for me. If I get to do many more of these I just might have to invest in one and besides I always wanted to try my hand at making folders....certainly would need one for that, now I just have to be extra, extra nice to my wife and maybe through in a few foot massages and Santa might be extra nice to me this year ( :
Thanks Guys for all your comments, sure appreciated.


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"HOLY COW", is what I just heard over my shoulder, and my wife is seldom impressed with a knife anymore!

I'll have to agree, that is a nice piece of work!