Documentary of Knifemaker Eddie White

Shadowland - A Fillm about South Carolina Knifemaker Eddie White

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Hello, I'm producing a documentary film, Shadowland, about knifemaker Eddie White of Shadow Knives. The film shows Eddie in the shop making a knife from start to finish, interviews with Eddie and his wife Lora, as well as their friends and associates. It gives insight into the world of a knifemaker and the knifemaking business.

Check out the Shadowland project page at Kickstarter for how you can help in making this movie.

Shadowland Project at

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To learn more about the film read this article at

Shadowland Article at

There are many rewards for contributing to this project including a limited edition of the knives pictured below. There will be 11 of these knives produced and they will be marked SD000 through SD010. The SD signifies "Shadowland Documentary" and each knife will come with a certificate of authenticity. You can also get "Special Thanks" credits in the film as a reward or "Associate Producer" credits for contributions at the pledge level necessary to receive one of these limited edition knives.

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Thanks for taking the time to see what the Shadowland project is about.

Dan Thornton