Doctors knife kit advice

Chuck Dee

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Hi, nearly newbie here (made a dozen or so knives from pre bought blades, so basically adding handles and Brass a couple of times) plus one mini knife with home made micarta.
so, I bought the ‘Doctors knife kit’ from USA knife
A couple of questions (maybe better directed at the seller...)
what steel are the blade and spatula? The are blank so need grinding and heat treating
Same question regarding the springs as they are slipjoint- presumably also need heat treating?
Dr Chuck

Chris Railey

I looked on the website but I could not find the info either. Tracy (Boss Dawg) I am sure, will be along shortly to answer your questions. He ownes USA KNIFEMAKER. If you are familiar with the private message function of the forum you could also send him a message. Boss is a good guy, easy to talk with, that is why I buy stuff from him.

One Armed

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I second, third & fourth that, over!
Tracy is a regular guy like us. I really like that he’s a Knifemaker and DIY’er, as many of us are.

Just ask him, if you haven’t already. He’ll answer you.