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    In early '09 I did a web search for local knife makers in southern Mississippi in hopes of linking up with a maker I could learn from once I reported for duty. At that time, the only maker I could locate was a website by the name of Choctaw Plantation Forge. I sent the guy an e-mail and waited......and waited.....and never received a response. A couple of weeks ago I received a PM from a KD member by the name Steve Shiffer. In the PM he was asking if I was assigned to Camp Shelby and if so, inviting me to stop by his office for a good bull session about knives.

    I responded to the PM and later in the day I finally got around to checking out Steve's profile. Man, talk about being surprised! As it turns out, Steve is "Choctaw Plantation Forge" though he has since started a new site, . When we first spoke, I found out that the reason Steve had not responded to the e-mail was due to the fact he was in the process of deploying to Afghanistan (I completely understand how he could have been too distracted to respond to my e-mail). Since meeting, I've spent several days hanging out at his shop, shooting the bull, and learning a thing or two. I'm really impressed by Steve's work and look forward to spending more time hanging out at his shop and learning a few things.

    Steve is in Vegas this weekend attending the Gathering. I believe this is his first major show to attend, but I have no doubt that it will not be his last. I'm really impressed with the work "Doc" is turning out. Attached are some photos I took of some of the pieces he has taken to the show. I actually got to watch a few of these being made and helped out a little bit.

    This first photo is a work in progress. Unfortunately, Steve completed this piece and shipped it to Vegas prior to me getting a photo of it completed.







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  2. mitch13

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    Murph sounds like you were pretty luck. I really like some of the blade profiles.
    Now where are all your completed knives!?
  3. steve shiffer

    steve shiffer Active Member

    Thanks Murph,

    Mitch13....i think I have drug him to the dark side....he should be posting something here shortly, and I wouldn't be surprised if it folded :)
  4. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    Shhhhhhhh, quit talkin Doc. You're gonna jinx me.
  5. mitch13

    mitch13 Well-Known Member

    C'mon Murph,
    No need to be shy, let's see some pics:s11798:
  6. murphda2

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    Nothin but good intentions right now. I'm still in the planning phase.
  7. mitch13

    mitch13 Well-Known Member

    Fair enough murph, I will look forward to some completed down the track.
  8. steve shiffer

    steve shiffer Active Member

    He has WIP pics.........:)
  9. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    At ease Doc. They'll see the pics when it's done.

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