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Hi guys and thanks for entering the give-away.

I'm calling this one at 8 pm, EST tonight. ( I get up early)

Good luck and cross your fingers. 2thumbs

The WINNER is # 60 !!!!!!!

Big Earnie Swanson. Congratulations & Enjoy.2thumbs

Pm me your info.

I have more of these made and will do another give-away as soon as people calm down a little from Earnie's big win.

Thanks for playing along,
Wow, Awesome............
And I just broke my little Menards vise, I am needing one!!!

Thanks for the awesome gaw.

Pm on its way!!
Great Win Ernie !! What a great Give-away Rudy ! Thanks for the chance ! I hope you build some more vises ....... Bill
Thanks for the kind words.
I have two more made right now, I plan another GAW soon and if you keep greasing me I may have one with me at the next club show. Oooooooh !


How long was the tube for the vise? And by the size of blade that fit into it I was assuming it was 2" tubing. I have about 20 feet of thick walled 2" tubing that is just itching to be cut up and made into one of these. What size bolt/nut did you use? I suppose I could just use any larger size and be ok though.

thanks for any info.

The tube is 2"x 8" and the nuts are 3/8-16.
You could use any size nut but 3/8-16 is common and has a nice footprint on the jaws. The biggest reason is that it's free and laying all over the place on the jobs I run.

Cool. Thanks for the info. I should be able to make one up when i get a little time. I was thinking of adding one more lip/tab on the corner for a 45 degree angle as well. What do you think? Useful or useless? I know most of the work could be done with just the 2 tabs but as long as I am welding on the tabs why not.
Just two tabs are very useful. If you have a rotating vise, all you have to do is either flip the knife or flip the knife vise. I use mine mainly for hand sanding blades and then fine tuning the handle. For blade sanding I slide in a 1-1/2" x 1/4" x 18" steel bar and clamp it all in place. I had the same thoughts when I made mine 6 years ago but decided to practice the kiss princple. With 20 feet of tube you could try alot of variations.

I think I will also stick with the kiss principle and add on at a later point if I really decide I need one. My vise on the garage workbench is a rotating one but the 2 down in the shop aren't.
I got the jig a few days ago, I had to test it out a bit.

I love it!!

Thanks again Rudy for the awesome giveaway!!