Did I lose my Mojo??

Bill Vining

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It's been quite a while since I posted here. I still lurk around here and check out all the great work that you folks do. It's nice to see all the new faces coming on board and the willingness of everyone here to offer their advice, tips, tricks etc. This is a great Forum!! Kudos to Tracy and all the members that make this place what it is.

So what's been happening with me? Well, between work, family and personal challenges among other things, I have slowly worked my way out of the shop. It's not that I wanted to, it just happened. It makes me nuts for the simple reason that I love to be in my shop sitting at the bench making knives. My problem is I just can't seem to get motivated. I know once I get in there and start making the sparks fly, it will all come back to me. I am sticuk for some reason. I just can't make the first effort.

Anyone else ever get in that position?

Thanks for letting me rant.

Bill, I have the same problem. Once you are out of the shop for a week or so, it's hard to get back into the groove. Then again, I have a hard time leaving the shop once I'm there. I went to the shop a few nights ago and didn't get to bed til after 0200 (wake up was 0445). Needless to say, I had a rough day on the training lane the next day.

You just have to get a foot in the door and it will all come back to you. In no time, the family will be complaining that you're never around enough. Now, quit starring at your computer screen and get your butt in the shop.
It happens. It takes a certain amount of energy for me to focus to the level that I need for knife work. Sometimes I don't feel that energetic or motivated and it is hard to get myself going. The trick for me is to realize that the energy and motivation feed from the work as much as the work feeds from them, sometimes I have to start working even though it feels like a chore instead of a hobby. 20 minutes later I am usually in the groove and don't want to be anywhere else. I find it helps sometimes to conciously put aside what I feel like now or how I want to feel in 5 minutes and decide how I want to feel at the end of the day, when I look at it like this the choice is usually much less complicated.
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I have had the same problem lately, I have tennis elbow in both elbows and its getting really hard for me to go to the shop when I can only be out there for an hour or two. Plus we are working overtime at work so that also dont help.

If you feel you lost your mojo just go out and buy yourself a nice pink lunchbox:)
Been there Bill. Its easy to get caught up taking care of your life. Things happen, then before you know its been weeks since you have spent quality time in the shop.

Been there myself, Bill. I'd lose interest in playin' golf then the following year I'd get motivated again to follow the little white ball around the course. Lo and behold... I'd play better than the year before! I think you'll find that holds up for knifemaking too. :3:
Thanks for the replies. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. It's been almost a year for me and I got to thinking about it last night. As much as I think it's going to suck, I know it will make me feel better once on the shop. I woke up at 4am this morning like a kid on Christmas morning. I went into my office and finished up a liner lock knife design I was working on. I just now came out of the shop. (time to set the house up for a birthday party). The liners are profiled and drilled, the backspacer is profiled and drilled and the blade is profiled and drilled. Everything fit's up pretty good at this point. It need some refinements but I'm on my way.

Wow it feels good!! Maybe I'll post a few WIP photos when I get a chance.

Hi Bill, Good to see you posting!!

As you said, Once you get in the shop................ So get in there and get crackin buddy!! You sure do great work
I now have 2 on the bench that I'm working on. One is a new pattern I'm trying out that will be a liner lock. Damascus bolsters and blade with Mammoth Scales and jewel inlaid thumbstud. The other is a peanut pattern slipjoint. I've heard about many difficulties in making the peanut so I figured I would take on the challenge. I actually made a new jig for milling the relief on the slipjoint liners. I messed up the first set with the old way I was doing it so I guess I'll be giving the new jig a trial run soon.

Feels good to be back. My only problem now is that my real job keeps getting in the way.
work always gets in the way of knifemaking. I meant to call you the other day but just haven't had a chance. maybe this weekend. you have my cell number..
Extremely happy you are back, Looking forward to some photos if you have time to shot a few.
We should get together. I just got back into the swing of things after about a year. I am making slipjoints..what a PITA haha. I may want one of your rise/fall jigs and want to see how you made that bushing lapper you had at IG's a while back. I'm just down the road in Plaistow. It IS good to be back in the shop. I missed black boogers.