Desert Ironwood with Vine File Work

Johnny Roberts

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Haven't posted in this section in quite a while. Slipjoints have been taking up a lot of my time.
But I Finished this one up recently and thought I would share.

ATS-34 heat treated by me to a 59 RC. Over 12 inches long with 11 inches of vine work on the spine.

The sheath is made by me and is designed to hang off the hip in a drop loop configuration or simply remove the loop attachment and wear it behind the back. I have also found this second configuration to work well if a cross draw pull is desired. The sheath has a kydex core and is wrapped in 6 ounce leather.

A lot of guys enjoy the built in bottle opener. The skulls on the lanyard are from J&S Lanyards and are fantastic.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking.

More pictures at my website Knives By Roberts.



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what ernie swanson ,,said im big on the sheath a smaller one with a dull finish would be a tactical //good to go //but thats my 2 cents ..

Johnny Roberts

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Thanks for the comments and ideas for the next one, guys.

I wore this one for two days over this past weekend. It worked really well and got a quite a few comments. Its big but with the 'D' ring at the top, I can lash it just above my knee and it stays out of the way.

More filework to come as well. I have a few slipjoints that I need to get finished up and then I am certainly going to make some more full tang blades.

Thanks again,