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    Hi everybody , Our Softball team has changed names "Long story" A better softball origination has taken our team to be part of there origination
    because "WE Kick there Butts every time we play them. Its good for us because there a lot bigger and play more games "bigger game" and have college scouts there all the time. Us girls are from a small town just outside of San Diego "Country girls " and theres 15 of us and we're starting to kick butt we've played with each other for our whole lives and on our high school team also we made cif finials . But with all this traveling and we just bought new uniforms last season this is putting our parents in the poor house ,so to keep a long story short we girls have decided to earn our uniforms ,we got the elks lodge to sponsor us some, we do need more , so we have set up a car wash ,gift card raffle , and I have Made this Knife to help the team ,i wanted to make my first pocket knife out of this steel but i know how to make a nice little knife that will fit anybody's hand and the girls need uniforms ,I don't know how to make anything else so this was my best way of helping ,my Pops already payed for my uniform but theres girls that cant pay and there good players and I don't want any of them feeling left out , I want to get 150.00 that will get two girl uniforms . I would like to sell it out right, if I can't I will r-a-f-f-l-e it , but that takes time , if anybody buys it out right. I'll try and get your knife name on our banner I know it's not much but the girls will get a kick out of it ,we have ironarmknives on our banner and would love to get another. the city girls just can't understand how we can have a knife co. on our banner then they see me in my knifedog shirt and just shake there heads then we kick butt LOL LOL :biggrin: so if anybody wants this knife PM my pops. The Handle is micarta and it screws off for cleaning . sorry i don't make sheaths YET, but maybe we have a way to get one made if someone buys the knife. The Blade is 3 1/2 cutting edge and 7 3/4 overall and 1 3/8 wide blade steel is from HHH custom knives .1095 and 15n20 made by randy Jr. "us Knife Kids Rock LOL"
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    Nice knife there youg lady, my daughter likes the patern in the steel.
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    Nice work I like the beef of the Blade .

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    I think that knife came out nice , Love the shape . Good Job !
    MIkey D

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