Darci ,and IronArm tattoo's for a skinner OK !!!!!


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I got my first two tattoo's last night ,one of darci playing ball and one of the warriors cross i use for IronArmknives ,i traided them for a skinner i had just sitting on the bench for about a year,I used it for just a work knife ,cable knife but when this guy saw it he wanted it bad,and he's done tattoo for 19 years ,he said i'll give you two tatto's any size for the knife ,I said lets do it tonight LOL so here they are i had to take the pic;s in the mirror, so the letters are backwards LOL.the wife is a rodeo this weekend so she dont know yet,thats gona be fun when she see's them LOL....i'm afraid the little ladys gona kick my a--- LOL ,these pix's are the day after the guy said the colors will get alot brighter after the scabs come off.



Rudy Joly

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UH OH !!!!

Mumma gonna hurt someone !
Nice way to remember the kids or special moments. I did it 30 yrs ago, but soon realized...scars are usually free, so I started collecting those.


Keith Willis

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That is cool Clint.
Now you got your jeep fixed,you got your tattoos.
QUIT PLAYING & GET TO WORK MAN!!:hammer::001_tt2::lol:

Just messing with ya brother.
Hey I sent that piece that we talked about.
Let me know what you think.

God bless,Keith


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nice tats careful there addictive ive got well over 20. you get 1 then want more my wife used to get mad but gave up give her time she wont even notice em after awhile.


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No she just looked and said it looked just like darci, then mumbled something and walked away,and has not said anything about it sense . Darci thinks its cool , and she likes the tattoo of her better than the warriors cross "like i didn't know that"


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LOL nice tats, my wife would laugh at me when mine hurt some but other than that she was ok as long as I could cover them with a shirt.