damascus hawk

Andrew Takach

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I forged this from a billet of 700+ layers of 1080,1018,w1, and nickle wire. The nickle wire was coiled around 1080, but there isn't enough in there to effect the cutting ability.

This is a wrap around style hawk, i used a hawk drift to open the eye up and give it a taper, so the handle is just a friction fit. It is not permenatley fixed, to allow disassembly for transporting, or to replace a broken handle.

It measures 15 1/2'' over all. The head is 6 3/4'' to the back of the eye, and the cutting edge is about 2 3/4''.

The hawk is hafted in curly maple, and has a hand rubbed oil finish.




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Very cool. I have been wanting to do one for a while now also. Thanks for showing. You coming to the Ohio show next month?