Damascus and mammoth ivory stockman


A 3 5/8 closed stockman I made for a show this weekend. The damascus is some I made from 1075 and 15N20. 416 integral liners and bolsters mill relieved at the pivot. Half stops on all blades and file work on the liners.



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Great looking knife Craig , I am not a big folder fan but this one is definately nice .... Bubba

Don Robinson

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I never had the nerve to make a multi-blade folder. 2 blades side by side is the best I ever made.

I'm right proud of you, Craig! Absolutely wonderful!! :s11798:

Don Robinson

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I had the pleasure of seeing and handling this folder yesterday while Craig and his wife were visiting.

I have never seen such a perfectly made folder before during my life.

It's truly a great work of art.