Damascus and High Carbon Steels are not food safe -- aka the Jay Fisher Rabbit Hole


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Not that I disagree, but because I don't know anything about him or his past, why? His work looks excellent.
I'm a wee late in responding, but I must say that pretty much everyone else covered the bases as well or better than I ever could.
I can hardly stand to eyeball his "creations" for more time than it takes to blink, yet I can marvel for hours and hours over Scagels, Morans or Yoshiharas. Honesty, humility, true craftsmanship all go a long way...and they are worthy of emulation.
Your mileage may vary.



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My Grandfather worked at General Electric in the machine shop. He made knives from used files from the GE shop! He's gone now (89 yrs old) and I still have some of the knives that he and my Grandmother (91 yrs old) used. Hi Carbon steel makes a better blade in my opinion! If you are dumb and cut up a room temperature Chicken and then cut up Lettuce for your salad than yeah I would agree with some of his assumptions. In all honesty I think all the Crap they put in the food we eat in the US would be more dangerous than a Carbon steel blade used in preparation of the meal!