Customer Treated like a Customer

Mike Jones

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I just wanted to share my recent experience buying stencils from Ernie Grospitch. I emailed him back and forth on the 2nd to come up with the best logo that I would want. I had to call him to pay with a credit card, and he said that he would ship it on Tuesday the 6th. I checked the mail every day starting Wednesday waiting for it. It didn't show up by Tuesday the 13th. I sent him another email asking what the status was of the stencil. He said that it was delivered. The delivery confirmation showed that it was delivered on Friday the 9th.

So I called the PO, they said that I need to check with my neighbors and they would talk to the mail carrier. Asked the neighbors that I could, then called back the PO on Wednesday. They talked to the carrier, but she understandably couldn't remember one piece of mail from 3 days ago.

Then I decided that I really need the stencils soon, that I can't really wait to see in a couple weeks whether they will show up or not, so I sent Ernie another email saying I'd like to buy another sheet. I asked if I'd have to call him for the CC info again. He wrote back saying he sent a new sheet in the mail that morning for no charge. I added that if the first one shows up, and the second, so I have two stencils, I'll let him know so he can charge my card for the second.

He emailed me back this morning saying "If it shows up on your end you will have a large stencil inventory.... no chg. If it comes back to me I'll mail it back to chg. "

That's how a customer SHOULD be treated. He is the best in my books just from his attitude toward me. The delivery confirmation said it was DELIVERED, just I never got it. There are people who lie about something like that, but he trusts my word and send a new one free of charge, then said if the first shows up, I can have it free of charge too.

Thanks Ernie. If anyone wants to get stencils for etching logos, Ernie is probably the nicest man you can work with.

Josh Dabney


I had a GREAT experience dealing with Ernie also. Definatly a stand up guy and a pleasure to do buisiness with.

Thanks for reminding me... I NEED to order another sheet myself !



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I have designed makers markers for several people who used Ernie for the stencils and I have heard nothing but good about him.

LR Adkins

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I got my first stencils from Ernie. I sent a rough draft and he sent me just what I wanted and they work great. He is great to work with.


Jim T

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I've only used Ernie once to have some stencils made, but it won't be the last time I do business with him.

Ernie was great to deal with and he produces real quality stencils. As a business man, he is a pure professional, going above and beyond to help you out.

Thanks Ernie! All the accolades you receive are well-deserved!


Mike Jones

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Well my stencils (the second set he sent) arrived today. They look great! I really enjoyed the experience of working with Ernie!