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Had a customer show up last week with a batch of blades for heat treat. He wanted his ATS 34 blades at 65 and his S60V folder blade at 68. I flat out told him no. He said his previous heat treater had done that. Interesting - but NO.

I told him 61 was a good hardness for ATS 34 and that S60V should be more like 59. He said he needed them harder so I told him to take them somewhere else. He said to do them best I could but he hoped for at least 62.

Dreading the pickup. :(


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Should have told him take them to his previous heat treat... I don't think he understands the heat treat process and it purpose...

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Whew! That's certainly somebody who just doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Those situations generally go one of two ways..... 1. You have a chance to educate, and they actually pay attention to what you're telling them. 2. (the more common outcome) Its like teaching a pig to wastes your time.....and annoys the pig. :)

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I dont understand why? The customer using the blades in a chipper? I am lost as to why any knife needs to be as hard as a planer or chipper blade? Just wow.

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Tell him that you ordered a custom made oven that goes to 11. Most ovens max out at 10, and would only take the blades to Rc61, but when you need that last little bit... there it is. 11.

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Thanks all for the feedback. He seemed OK with the 62ish results. Apparently, his blades have always had stellar performance. Sad that he had to settle for my standards. :-(

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Well if he comes back, charge extra for SETTING 11. You could probably get those bad boys up to 83 or so... (calculated of course because no tester goes there)- but it's an extra $200 per knife and he has to sign a non-disclosure agreement because it's a proprietary process.

At that hardness, the knives must be coated before treating with your proprietary space age polymer, Whiskey Delta Mark 4 Mod 0

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