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Not long ago at Vegas, I had some of my CRUZE flippers with me. Lots of people handled them. Some made the comment on how cool it would be to make a bigger version of the same knife, so...ok. Here it is. The CRUZE XL! This is the first one. The knife is 9" opened, 5" closed with a 4" blade. Pivot is 1/4" with an internal stop and IKBS. The blade on this knife is .170" thick Elmax goodness. This will be another staple in my line-up. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.

Cruze XL 1.jpgCruze XL 2.jpgCruze XL 3.jpgCruze XL 4.jpgCruze XL 5.jpgCruze XL 6.jpg

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Dave, Send me both of them and I will test em out for a year or so and let ya know which one is best.. lolol

As much as I like the look of the original. This one has got the IT factor.. Super clean lines!! Great JOB Dave!
God Bless

Let me know when I can expect my package to arrive! LMAO!!!!!