Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL custom build

Curtiss Knives

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Just finished this one. This is a custom order from Dave at Steel Treasure for on of his clients in Norway. The gentleman asked for a "blue jean" look. I hope I got it. This Cruze XL is a little different. It has grade 5 ceramic balls in the IKBS and also in the detent. They are extremely smooth. I am upgrading all of my flipper to this system. Well I hope he likes it! Thanks for looking.:)
Cruze-XL (1).jpgCruze-XL (2).jpgCruze-XL (3).jpgCruze-XL (4).jpgCruze-XL (5).JPG



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Great work David,
Looks like a Blue jean winner to me!
What are the dimensions on this one?


Curtiss Knives

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Thanks everyone! Randy, wait till you see the next one I'm finishing right now. Has a little HHH flare to it!