Cpm cruwear question


Not sure if this was the right spot for this.....but.
Just got a piece of cruwear. For a knife for a friend. I've been through two bandsaw blades, attempting to cut out the rough shape before I start with the belt grinder. 2in.wide. was sheared to length. Unsure if it was cut with laser,waterjet or plasma to width. Is it supposed to be that hard to start?
I guess I am assuming it was annealed, but maybe not.
Just looking for a solution, advice, suggestions. Not totally new to this, but also far from what I would consider knowledgeable.

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If it was laser cut then there is a heat affected zone that is much harder than the annealed steel... Try grinding away 1/16-1/8" then cutting, also, don't feed too hard into your bandsaw. And I assume you're using slow speed one (portaband?)