Cpm 3v


CPM 3V is made by the powder metallurgy process. It is extremely tough and has excellent edge holding ability. The following is the reccomended heat treat for the best combination of toughness and edge holding taken directly from the Crucible website.
1. Heat to 1500-1550 and equalize.
2. Heat to 1950 and soak for 30-45 minutes.
3. Quench in air, positive pressure (2 bar min.), salt, or interrupted oil to below 125 degrees.
4. Triple temper for 2 hours each cycle @ 1000 degrees F.

Times and temps. can be changed in order to increase either edge holding or toughness. People who have actually used a different heat treat process feel free to share any thoughts on the results you've discovered.

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I know this has gone this long with no say, but it hasn’t occurred to me until today to give a tip.

Steel makers like Crucible come up with the best heat treat for the steel’s intended purpose. But it was knifemakers that discovered the amazing ability that CPM3V offers as a blade steel. Thus, it was knifemakers who perfected the heat treatment.

The best recipe now is soak @ 1975F for 30mins. Fast plate quench and immediately into Cryo treatment. So say an hour, some say 3 hours. Followed by triple 2hour tempers@ 400f.

This recipe will achieve 60-61hrc with no loss in toughness. Produces a blade that sharpens easily, has amazing edge retention and an impact & bending toughness right on the heals of even S7.

You can tweak this recipe a bit here & there, but this is the basic. I have my blades treated by Peters. I was having a conversation with Brad Stallsmith a while ago. While discussing 3V, Brad said to me “If I was going to Mars & could take only one knife, it would be made of CPM3V & I would do the heat treat.” I’ve used that quote several times changing only the “I would do the heat treat” to “Brat at Peters would do the heat treat”. LOL.